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Maliyat journal (Iranian Tax Review)is the first and the only magazine published in Iran in the field of tax studies. It is a bilingual (Persian and English) quarterly publication. The journal, which is currently in its 15th year of publication, offers various articles on Iranian tax law, comments on verdicts of most important tax fora of the country (like the Supreme Tax Council and the Court of Administrative Justice), examination of developments in tax policy, reports on tax news, analysis of new tax treaties concluded between Iran and other countries, etc. The English section of the journal provides an editorial on most significant and latest tax developments, a series of articles concerning the Iranian tax system, special articles on various tax subjects, translation of rulings and regulations interested by foreign readership, and sometimes abstract of Persian articles of each issue.

President: Dr. Aliakbar Arabmazar

Editor: Dr. Mohammad Tavakkol

Mailing address: Tax Organization, Sharak Ghods (Gharb),  Shahid Dadman Street, TehranIran


E-mail: tavakkolmohammad@




Sites of Maliyat journal at the Internet


Persian section of the journal has one site at the Internet whose address is:

For the English section this present site has been created. It has five main pages. The first page is the present one in which general information is given about the site, The second page is allocated to issues N0. 1 to 20 of the Maliyat journal. The third page is for issues No.  21 to 40. The issues 41 onwards are included in the page 4. The last page (page five) contains miscellaneous matters.


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